The five-step investigative process

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1. The Consultation

The free consultation is the first step in the investigative process. After contacting Central Maine Investigations, a meeting will be arranged to discuss the details of your proposed case. This meeting can be held at a location of your choosing within a reasonable distance of Waterville, Maine. After the free consultation has been completed, Central Maine Investigations will either accept or reject your case.

2. The Legal Documents

If your case is accepted by Central Maine Investigations, the next step will be to review, discuss, and sign the required legal documents contained in the case information packet. This will include a contract, client intake form, fee schedule, and any other documents applicable to your case. Once the legal documents have been signed and finalized, you will be provided a copy of each document along with a written cost estimate, and the case acceptance retainer fee will need to be paid.

3. The Investigation

Central Maine Investigations will initiate the investigation at the date and time agreed upon during the signing of the legal documents. Central Maine Investigations will contact you with any relevant updates or if additional information is needed.

4. The analysis

After Central Maine Investigations has concluded the investigation, the process of organizing and analyzing any evidence collected will begin. After the evidence analysis has been completed, Central Maine Investigations will contact you to set up a meeting for the formal evidence presentation and to arrange for final payment of any remaining or accumulated charges.

5. The Presentation

Central Maine Investigations will present the case findings to you during a formal case presentation meeting. Together, we will examine and discuss the case results and evidence, and you will be able to ask questions and provide your feedback. If a case report was prepared, you will receive a copy during this meeting.