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Central Maine Investigations is a professional private investigative agency serving the State of Maine.

License No. 9909887

Clear and simple pricing

Our pricing model fits on just a single page of paper and is designed to be easy to read and understand. Central Maine Investigations provides a written cost estimate at the end of the free consultation period, regardless of the complexity of the investigation.

An exceptional client experience

Central Maine Investigations believes that the overall client experience is just as important as the results. Attention-to-detail can be seen in all facets of our agency, to include our website, case document templates, email communications, and our social media presence. Everything has been designed with uniformity, consistency, and simplicity in mind.

Multiple discounts available

Central Maine Investigations offers multiple discounts that can save clients up to 25% on investigative services when combined. Discounts available include a timely purchase discount (10%), loyalty discount (5%), friends and family discount (5%), and a referral discount (5%).

Relevant skillsets and terminology

Many private investigators in Maine try to lure clients by advertising inflated or irrelevant skillsets. Beware of private investigators who use terms such as former federal agent or specializing in covert operations. Central Maine Investigations believes these terms can be dramatic and are not relevant when seeking straightforward private investigative services.


Central Maine Investigations is a proud member of the Maine Licensed Private Investigator’s Association (MLPIA)

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